Access Zero / fraqtured : sound / [product] live @ planB, 9/21/10

Missionary Promotions, Access Zero, fraqtured : sound, [product]

You’ll want to be at PlanB on Tuesday, September 21st.  Access Zero is one of the most exciting bands to show show their face this year.  Now they teamed up with fraqtured : sound and [product].  You just show up, they’ll bring the energy!

ADD says “Access Zero presents a debut album to stun the dark dance floors of the world, complete with pounding rhythms, sharp synths, catchy hooks, and an emotional vocal performance. It’s the perfect blend of old school synthpop and a modern, dark edge.

Plan B is located at 1305 SE 8th St Portland, OR 97214,  Phone: (503) 230.9020. Show is 21+, cover is only $5

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