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Afterparty 23! at Hive

The Official Assemblage 23 Portland Afterparty.

Missionary Promotions, Assemblage 23 After-Party







































Map to Hive at Plan B. (click for larger version)

Missionary Promotions, Assemblage 23 After-Party

Portland favorite Assemblage 23 returning with Espermachine!

Assemblage 23 2012 Missionary Promotions

On June 1st Tom Shear began shipping out preorders for Assemblage 23’s finest work to date, the full length release “Bruise”. Bruise is the A23 album that truly shows what this man is capable of.

One thing I’ve come to appreciate about the last few Assemblage albums is Tom’s genuine connection with his audience. Assemblage 23 again connects our desire to dance AND think.

September 30th at the Fez Ballroom is our time to dance.

Paul Seegers, whom we all know and love, will be pressing the keys once again and this year, on live percussion, will be a man who is no stranger to the beat. Casey Baldwin of Sebastian Komor’s “Komor Kommando!” Just put Mr. Shear on the mic and we’ve got a bloody awesome show.

The 2012 Bruise Tour brings with it Espermachine.  They’ve poked at a Portland show before but I’m really happy that this tour will be their introduction to us.  The timing couldn’t be better as Espermachine has just released their first full length album “Dying Life” on Tom’s own label 23db Records.

Assemblage 23, always a fantastic show, always a Portland favorite.

Here is how you can secure some tickets.  The much preferred method is to purchase directly from your promoters by using the Paypal option below.  Select quantity, hit the pay button and VERY IMPORTANT…you must add the first and last names of each ticketholder.  You do this by adding a “note to seller”.  Got it?


2nd option is to buy directly from Derek of Corrosion Records, DJ Ghouluantic, Shadowplay, etc. Chase him down and you’ll get physical ticket.  That can be cool when you’re trying to impress someone.  Hey baby look what I just got us by tackling this man…..shaa-wing!

3rd-Buy them in person at the wonderful Wells and Verne establishment.

buy from Ticketswest

4th. would be to purchase from or any ticketswest outlet.  Yep the biggest handling fees but might be the easiest for those who couldn’t figure out one the first 2 options.  No worries, we won’t tell anyone.

September 30th at The Fez Ballroom, 316 SW 11th, Portland, OR 97214.  Doors at 8:00pm, must be 21+ with ID because liquor will be served! $20 at the door (day of show) $15 advance purchase.

Legendary doesn’t even cut it.Icon of Coil comes to the Fez!

Link to 11×17 printable poster
Icon of Coil, Missionary Promotions

7/31/2012 Eternal Legends of Metropolis Records!

Eternal Legends Missionary Promotions


Corrosion Records and Missionary Promotions presents:

Eternal Legends of Metropolis Records Tour featuring Caustic and Everything Goes Cold

with guests Stiff Valentine

This event will be held at The Fez Ballroom located at 316 SW 11th in Portland, Oregon.  Advance purchase of tickets can be made through Corrosion Records, Ticketswest and at Wells and Verne.  This event is 21+

Ticketswest stops sales of PDX’s “Legends of Synthpop” tour BUT…

Mesh, Devision, Iris, Missionary Promotions…that WAS by our request and you can still PURCHASE ADVANCE tickets for the show tomorrow in Portland at the Ash Street Saloon.

So listen up!

Tomorrow tickets will be $20 at the door to those 21 and up and $5250 to those under 21 (we’ll figure it out).  After 4:00pm tomorrow there will be no hope of getting advanced purchase.  To purchase in advance NOW you must paypal direct to Missionary Promotions at  You must also include the ticket holders names.  No exceptions.We were notified that Corrosion Records had 19 paper tickets left at 7:40pm today.  That was stated by a fan who called ahead as he was going down there to buy 2 for himself.

Yes! Mesh, De/vision and Iris are coming to Portland!

MeshDevisionIrisDue to factors outside their control, we were told that Mesh would not continue to Seattle and Portland.  Nooooo!  However  Bekka, working with their management, found a way to make it work and for a Saturday night no less!  So now Portland will be Mesh’s last stop on the West coast for the 2011 Legends of Synthpop Tour!  Plan on welcoming many of Mesh’s fans from Seattle at this truly amazing  show!
Event details are as follows:
Saturday, April 23rd, 2011
Doors at 8pm, Event is 21+
225 SW Ash Street
Portland, OR 97204
Advance tickets are selling right now.  Preferred purchase through Corrosion Records in Portland, OR.  Alternately they may be purchased through outlets
German act DE/VISION (Metropolis Records) are true synthpop icons, having celebrated their 20 year anniversary in 2008, they continue to press forward as innovators and torchbearers for the electronic music movement. Their last 2 visits to the USA (in 2008 and in 2009)  proved that their momentum is as strong as ever and with a new album “Popgefahr” released in March, 2010, they’re ready to return to North America for the “Legends of Synthpop” tour.

MESH. It’s been over 10 years since the UK-based MESH (Metropolis Records) last visited the US and it’s high time they returned! After releasing the limited edition single for Only Better in October of 2009, the band followed it up with a European tour and a brand new album, A Perfect Solution. A second single, How Long, was released in march 2010 and an all-remix album is set for release in January, 2011. MESH look forward to their long-awaited return to the US and are excited to reconnect with their MESH-starved fans on the “Legends Of Synthpop” Tour.

IRIS – originally from  Texas – is the leading US modern synthpop act.  After several albums (the last one “Wrath” in 2005  as well as a DVD combined-EP called “Hydra” in 2008) Andrew Sega and Reagan Jones have just released their new album “Blacklight”  on September 3rd  (DIFFUSION RECORDS). They are ready  to take “Blacklight” to the masses on the “Legends Of Synthpop” tour

Missionary Presents: FALLOUT III with FGFC820 on March 12th

Missionary Promotions presents FALLOUT IIIIt’s March 12th, 2011. Air raid sirens are screaming. Outside, a post industrial chaos. Hazard lights spin in every direction as search lights ignite the environment around you. Just outside, smoke chokes the air as you begin your shelter run.

Submit yourself to the FALLOUT club experience. Angered industrial dance beats, sound, lights and film fueling a night dressed in militaristic and post apocalyptic ideas. FALLOUT is a themed event so pull out your gas masks, your goggles, your uniforms, your protective gear and polish up those steel toes!

ENLIST NOW on the FALLOUT Facebook Event Page.

The first assault begins at 9pm with the dj’s Missionary, NoN and Adamnation (Dementia, Dark Alice Ball, PDX Club/Music Promoters). Expect wave after wave of post-industrial strikes as they pave the way for the full audio assault from the East. At the top of the night, a full force attack by none other than FGFC820 and DJ Rexx Arkana!

Shock and Awe.

Cop int’l/noitekk recording artists FGFC820 is fronted by Rexx Arkana and sustained by respected New York DJ, Dracos. Rexx is also the mastermind behind the EBM supergroup, Bruderschaft and is honored to have held a position as one of the original Wax Trax! “dirty dozen”.  You want to dance to some serious music, this is it.

Cinema reinforcement provided by Visual Noise Productions.  VNP will be debuting a brand new, full length FALLOUT film to back this incredible night.

Saturday, March 12th, 2011
Ash Street Saloon
225 SW Ash Street
Portland,Oregon, 97204
$10 cover
Doors at 9pm
21 and over only

Note: the soundtrack to FALLOUT is not for the feeble. It is hard post-industrial music dominated by electronics, strong dance rhythms and political themes. Fog machines will be utilized at this event.

A special “Das Ich” Thanksgiving! Thursday 11/25/2010

Missionary Promotions, Das Ich

Yes, on Thanksgiving night!

Corrosion Records and Missionary Promotions presents Das Ich,  with guests Dead When I found Her.  The doors will open at 8:30pm.  Advance tickets can be had purchased at Corrosion Records and  $15 at the door.

The Fez Ballroom, 316 SW 11th Ave, Portland, Oregon


Missionary Promotions, Das Ich

Das Ich is one of Germany’s most famous Gothic bands. Established in 1989 by Stefan Ackermann (vocals, lyrics) and Bruno Kramm (music, instruments), the band looks back on a career that spans more than 15 years in music bizz with countless concerts in all corners of the world and releases that were as ground-breaking and praised by Gothic audience as they were shocking to the conservatives and narrow minded.
Always re-inventing and surprising, the interest in Kramm’s fascinating soundscapes and Ackermann’s dark, haunting singings is unbroken.  Das Ich are currently on tour supporting their brand new work…Koma.

Access Zero / fraqtured : sound / [product] live @ planB, 9/21/10

Missionary Promotions, Access Zero, fraqtured : sound, [product]

You’ll want to be at PlanB on Tuesday, September 21st.  Access Zero is one of the most exciting bands to show show their face this year.  Now they teamed up with fraqtured : sound and [product].  You just show up, they’ll bring the energy!

ADD says “Access Zero presents a debut album to stun the dark dance floors of the world, complete with pounding rhythms, sharp synths, catchy hooks, and an emotional vocal performance. It’s the perfect blend of old school synthpop and a modern, dark edge.

Plan B is located at 1305 SE 8th St Portland, OR 97214,  Phone: (503) 230.9020. Show is 21+, cover is only $5

Covenant brings “Modern Ruin” to Portland!

Missionary Promotions, CovenantAs the decade closes, Covenant embarks on yet a new direction as they place the final finishing touches on their seventh studio album, Modern Ruin. At one atmospheric and anthemic, deeply disconnected and yet deeply personal, Modern Ruin is seemingly an apt title for the maelstrom of beats and emotion it contains. Modern Ruin also marks another first for the band—the debut of now permanent member Daniel Myer’s songwriting collaborations. Where it will take the band is unclear, but one thing is certain—it will be no smaller than the world.   -Covenant Official Website


The Gothic Cruise has brought them to America, why not do a few special shows while you’ve got the whole gang here, right?  Right!

On October 4th 2010, Covenant brings “Modern Ruin” to Portland.  They’re set to deliver a very special performance accompanied by the acts

Architect (feat. Daniel Myer)

C/A/T and

Cervello Elettronico vs. Detune-X

The show will be held at the Fez Ballroom in Portland Oregon.  While the Fez is a great place to see shows, it is not a large venue.  This event is expected to sell out.  Get your tickets right now at Corrosion Records in Portland or any outlet.    Advance tickets are $18, are subject to a service charge and will be available until sold through.  Remaining tickets will be sold at the door on a first come, first serve basis.  The event is 21+.  Doors are at 8:00pm.  Brought to you by Corrosion Records and Missionary Promotions.

RSVP now on the Official Facebook Event Page!