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Afterparty 23! at Hive

The Official Assemblage 23 Portland Afterparty.

Missionary Promotions, Assemblage 23 After-Party







































Map to Hive at Plan B. (click for larger version)

Missionary Promotions, Assemblage 23 After-Party

New monthly club night, VIRUS opens Saturday, May 14th.

VirusAre you tired of the same old songs? Do you wish that you could hear that one song DJ’s never play by that overplayed artist? Do you mutter to yourself about how you wish DJ’s focused on NEW music by artists you never heard of?

Do you remember when you went clubbing to hear music you didn’t already know forwards and backwards?

Do you like to dance, drink, and socialize with people who are progressive about music, like you are?

[VIRUS] is for you.

Our opening night will be the beginning of something you wish could happen daily…except for the fact that you would fall into debt from not working and you would starve from not eating.

Because we love you, we’re only monthly.

Nothing we play will be older than 3 years. We promise.

Come dance with us on Saturday, May 14th at the Ash Street Saloon.  $5 cover and the doors open at 9pm to those over 21.

Missionary Presents: FALLOUT III with FGFC820 on March 12th

Missionary Promotions presents FALLOUT IIIIt’s March 12th, 2011. Air raid sirens are screaming. Outside, a post industrial chaos. Hazard lights spin in every direction as search lights ignite the environment around you. Just outside, smoke chokes the air as you begin your shelter run.

Submit yourself to the FALLOUT club experience. Angered industrial dance beats, sound, lights and film fueling a night dressed in militaristic and post apocalyptic ideas. FALLOUT is a themed event so pull out your gas masks, your goggles, your uniforms, your protective gear and polish up those steel toes!

ENLIST NOW on the FALLOUT Facebook Event Page.

The first assault begins at 9pm with the dj’s Missionary, NoN and Adamnation (Dementia, Dark Alice Ball, PDX Club/Music Promoters). Expect wave after wave of post-industrial strikes as they pave the way for the full audio assault from the East. At the top of the night, a full force attack by none other than FGFC820 and DJ Rexx Arkana!

Shock and Awe.

Cop int’l/noitekk recording artists FGFC820 is fronted by Rexx Arkana and sustained by respected New York DJ, Dracos. Rexx is also the mastermind behind the EBM supergroup, Bruderschaft and is honored to have held a position as one of the original Wax Trax! “dirty dozen”.  You want to dance to some serious music, this is it.

Cinema reinforcement provided by Visual Noise Productions.  VNP will be debuting a brand new, full length FALLOUT film to back this incredible night.

Saturday, March 12th, 2011
Ash Street Saloon
225 SW Ash Street
Portland,Oregon, 97204
$10 cover
Doors at 9pm
21 and over only

Note: the soundtrack to FALLOUT is not for the feeble. It is hard post-industrial music dominated by electronics, strong dance rhythms and political themes. Fog machines will be utilized at this event.

Continuum rides again Saturday 2/26

Missionary Promotions, ContinuumContinuum, is a collaborative project by local promoters to you bring you a great monthly dance night. It is held every fourth Saturday monthly.

Continuum DJ’s are NoN, Ghoulunatic, Missionary and Gino and they spin a wide mix of industrial, retro, gothic and electro.  All beat driven, dance flavored tracks spun with only one intention, to make you dance!

Conveniently located in Portland’s Whiskey Bar at 31 NW 1st Avenue in Portland, Oregon.   The Whiskey Bar is in a superb downtown location with great sound, lights, food menu and a very friendly staff. Check it out for yourself on the Whiskey Bar web site.

The music format is Goth, Industrial, 80s, Electro and brought to you by talented, local, request friendly djs.

No cover before 10pm and $5 after. Music, drinks and doors begin at 9pm.  21 & Over W/ID.

RSVP on the Continuum Facebook Event Page

After 6.5 years, we say goodnight to Dementia

Missionary Promotions, Dementia, PortlandI remember Bekka and I  visiting a couple of other clubs in Portland years back. I remember meeting Liz and Cedric for the first time at IC Mummy but it was Dementia alone that settled us in the Portland Scene. We always arrived terribly early, certain we’d taken over someone’s table and stayed for near 6 years.  Dementia has taken on many forms and been in many locations since its inception but it’s always been genuine and always from the heart.

Of course there is some sadness in saying goodbye. We’re not saying you’ll never see the name again but this exit really allows us to move forward with new ideas, some of which are already in play. It’s in voids like this that new nights and new talent emerges. Growth!

Dementia has been home to dj’s NoN, Carrion, Wrexx, Zufall, Valence, Nevermore, Medusa, Mohawk Adam, Encrypted, Monika.mhz, Missionary and many others. Thousands of hours of industrial dance music has been spun from its booth. Thousands!

Dementia began with the Dark Alice in Wonderland Ball and Read the rest of this entry »

Continuum, full speed ahead for 2011.

Missionary Promotions, Continuum

Continuum, an old name, back with a whole new bag of tricks!

There are many changes happening in our scene as of late, one of which is the new electro dance night, Continuum.  Make plans for the 4th Saturday of every month at Portland’s Whiskey Bar.  The Whiskey Bar has an excellent location in Old Town with many great features.  The handshake with the WB began with the “one off” night, Martyrium. (see below) and Continuum’s first night was December 17th.

This is a cooperative effort between Missionary and 2 other very familiar Portland promoters.  The musical format will be open and request friendly.  Nothing too harsh, nothing too noisy.  It’s a dance centered soundtrack pushed  through an incredible sound system.  Enjoy retro, gothic, industrial, ebm, and electro hits as well as brand new music.

The Continuum Facebook page is up now so make sure and “like” the page so you can stay connected.  The Whiskey Bar website has some pictures and a few more details.

If you weren’t one of the many who’ve already been to one of these events at the Whiskey Bar,  be sure to discover it for yourself  in January.

11/13/10 sees Martyrium at Portland’s Whiskey Bar!

Missionary Promotions, MartyriumWe got an opportunity to grab a night at Portland’s Whiskey Bar!

The WB, in its superb downtown location, has a great sound system, lights, menu etc.  Check it out for yourself on the Whiskey Bar web site.

We’ll be going wide open with the musical format.  It’ll favor dance driven anthems from electro, gothic, industrial and retro libraries.  Just look who’s dj’ing and you’ll figure it out real quick.  It’s DJ’s Gino (The Gentry), Carrion (Shadowplay, Corrosion Records) and Missionary (Dementia, Missionary Promotions).

RSVP now on the Facebook event page.

There’s potential for the future at this amazing location so get by here on Saturday November 13th and check it out.  Stamps from both Dementia (also happening Saturday night) and Martyrium will be accepted for entry at either location.   The Whiskey Bar is conveniently located at 31 NW 1st Avenue in Portland, Oregon.  No cover before 10pm and $5 after.  Music, drinks and doors at 9pm.

Yes we know we’re pulling this out of thin air at the 11th hour.  The opportunity presented itself and we didn’t want to miss it.  The name Martyrium came up pretty easily as it was Derek’s first club night at the Paris Theater.  He was maybe 16 at the time.  Seemed like a great name to have some fun with for this one off event.  Especially because the Paris is really close by.

Your support is always important.  Who knows what the future might hold at this incredible spot. You’ll love the music, and the really cool vibe at the Whiskey Bar.  So help us, help you party in the best locations.

Brought to you by Corrosion Records, Decadent Events and of course, Missionary.

10/29/10 Special Halloween Edition of Decadent 80’s and Dementia

Missionary Promotions, Halloween Edition of DementiaOn Friday, October 29th, Decadent 80’s and Dementia join for a special Halloween Edition “Mad Max meets the Brat Pack”

The event will be held on the 2nd floor of the Fez Ballroom in Portland, Oregon.  Expecting a packed house the costume judges will be mingling in the crowd looking for the best costumed.  There will be different costume categories to win and prizes will be provided by Robot Piercing, Corrosion Records, Dementia and Decadent 80’s.

The soundtrack to the night will be provided by DJ’s Encrypted, Non and Missionary.  Lots of favorite electro and retro beats to keep your body moving.

Strike a pose! Portland’s Deviltek will be on site snapping up all sorts of memories with his cameras.  Plus it’s a great way to sort out later, the details of such a wild night!

The drinks start pouring at 9pm and just $5 gets you in.  Bring your 21+ ID.  The Fez is located at 316 SW 11th in Portland.  Across from Powells Books and above Buffallo Exchange.


The 4th anniversary of Portland’s Shadowplay 9/30/2010

Missionary Promotions, Shadowplay, 4th anniversary4 years folks!  Thursday, September 30th marks 4 years of Shadowplay and there’s going to be quite a celebration.

DJ Joe Letz of Combichrist will be headlining the night with DJ’s Ghoulunatic, Horrid and Paradox.  There will be give-a-ways from Robot Piercing, Mike Thrasher, Metropolis Records, Fright Town and more.

In the 2nd floor lounge will be a special Brickbat Mansion with DJ Wednesday and Curatrix.  Something for everyone!

SHADOWPLAY is a free Thursday weekly dark dance party at the glorious FEZ BALLROOM. In a club world dominated by EBM, SHADOWPLAY caters to the diverse world of darkness by playing an erratic blend of every spooky genre, including goth, deathrock, synthpop, futurepop, electro, ebm, 80s, punk, metal, and some darker alternative bands. Requests rule the night (as long as they’re good requests) and we try and cater to the dancers in the crowd (non-danceable music you can listen to at home!) Resident DJs are DJs Horrid, DJ Ghoulunatic and Paradox.

The music starts and drinks pour at 9pm.  Please come and show your support for this great night.

Facebook RSVP

The Fez presents David J. at Shadowplay on 10/07/2010

Missionary Promotions, David J, PortlandDavid J, of the legendary bands Bauhaus and Love & Rockets, will be making a delivering a special dj/live performance at the Fez on Thursday, October 7th.

This 21+ event will be in connection with Shadowplay and will carry a special $5 cover.  David J will be spinning some of his favorite club tracks plus deliver a special live performance including old favorites and new material from David J’s upcoming releases.

Supporting David J. will be DJ’s Ghoulunatic, Horrid and NoN.